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Entourage - Spectrum Simulator


European Space Agency




Python, C++, MS Azure, JS


Radio Interference, Satellite Telecommunications


Spectrum Management Consultancy, Software Development


In 2023, SES, in partnership with Arpsoft as a subcontractor, initiated the Entourage - Spectrum Simulator project, funded by the European Space Agency.

Historically, coordinating satellite frequencies in GEO belts was simple. Today's multi-orbit constellations and mobile users demand more active and complex spectrum coordination. Existing methods may lead to inconsistencies, hindering comparison across entities. A standardized spectrum tool is crucial to harmonize NGSO, GEO, and ground systems like 5G, minimizing interference.

The primary goal of this endeavor is to develop a frequency agnostic cloud based analysis tool, capable of computing global interference statistics among non-GSO systems, GSO networks, and all possible combinations thereof. The collaboration involves joint efforts in the development, validation, and eventual commercialization of the product.

Clients and Partners

Over the span of a decade, Arpsoft has had the privilege of collaborating with and providing services to a diverse range of international entities. These include prominent players in the space industry, esteemed space agencies, renowned universities, and esteemed national institutions.

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