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Our mission

Drive innovation and excellence in the aerospace industry

At Arpsoft, our mission is to drive innovation and excellence in the aerospace industry through our cutting-edge engineering consultancy and software development services.

With a focus on ground station operations and spectrum management, we empower our clients to reach new heights in satellite communication and space exploration.

Strong partnership

Over the past decade, we have cultivated strong partnerships with esteemed space agencies and prominent industry players.

Our remarkable track record boasts the successful development of numerous advanced software tools.

Notably, our company has consistently secured and excelled in tenders awarded by the European Space Agency, solidifying our position as a trusted and reliable partner.

Seamless operation and reliability

Our established relationship with the European Space Operation Center (ESOC) has resulted in ongoing support activities for several critical operational tools.

These include the European S/W Delta-DOR Correlator, the Radio Frequency Interference Assessment Tool (RFIAT), and the Link Budget Tool.

By providing continuous assistance and maintenance, we ensure the seamless operation and reliability of these essential tools.

Arpsoaft board

Alessandro Ardito

Founder & CEO

Francesco Barbaglio


Stefano Finocchiaro


Massimiliano Mattioli

Some of our projects


Road Sounder

The Road Sounder project is a pioneering effort focused on developing a sophisticated smart network for automated monitoring of road pavement status. Through the integration of sensors, data analytics, and communication technologies, the project aims to significantly enhance the Pavement Management System (PMS) ...
Clients and Partners

Over the span of a decade, Arpsoft has had the privilege of collaborating with and providing services to a diverse range of international entities. These include prominent players in the space industry, esteemed space agencies, renowned universities, and esteemed national institutions.

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